Thursday, November 08, 2007

Night Skinning

Paul and I went up skinning last night. I totally bonked, I took a new medication right before we started and I developed vertigo with a horizontal component. I constantly had to stop and close my eyes. At one point I started skinning up with my eyes closed and it seemed to help until I opened them again. After about fifty min I encouraged Paul to climb up a little more and I would wait for him to come back down. At about an hour after I took my new med I began to feel that a veil was being lifted and I could see and think clearly without everything spinning. I called out to Paul who had just removed his climbing skins so he put them back on and we continued up to the top. All in All it was a good time but I felt bummed for him since I had said we would get a couple runs. We only did one but the turns were worth it.


G said...

Oh, Tito. You never cease to amaze me with your adventures...keep up the good work - how are rotations coming?

Paul said...

Not to worry - plenty more feet to climb, and plenty more turns to earn.

Daniel said...

Titus, My first Blog comment, just to let you know your constantly in my prayers