Monday, April 30, 2007

The Mini

So much for training, I think I ran 3 times unless you count the couple times I went up the incline when I was home on Break. I had hoped to run under 2:10 but with spraining my ATF the night before and my knee's being what they are, finishing around 2:14 will have to do I guess. Certainly not something to write home about. All that matters is I was having fun and finished with a smile on my face The one thing I learned is not to tighten my knee brace too tight, I could feel the lactic acid accumulate my right leg compared to my left. Lessons learned. I guess I have to eat my words about training since this mini definately has shown me how deconditioned I have become over my time in MO. Can't wait to be done with academics and get to CO so I can drop some Lbage and get fit again.
What really matters is I had a great time with Seth, Eugena, Cathy and Kiowa. We all ended up carpooling together.

At some point I will write about my friend and cousin "frusin" Emily's funeral.