Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Rough

So I took the COMLEX and it was everything I had expected. It was toughhhhhhhhhhhh Since We are not supposed to talk about the details of it I will just say that it consistently hit the areas where I feel weakest. That said, I know the Multitude of prayers helped and I believe El Dios continued to demonstrate His Provision for me. I should know the results in 4-6 weeks. Thanks for the Prayers.

Monday, June 11, 2007

I like this Quote my Uncle sent me

Love, always resourceful, will find a way of making our daily struggle seem new,
because through it, rather than self-mastery, we are seeking to love Our Lord.
F. Fernandez

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Brilliant idea

So my latest thought and option is hiking from twin lakes and stopping in Silverton. From there thumb a ride into Ouray and pic up my bike if Dr D will let me leave it at his place. from there, Ride with the Bob and bust out all 12 of the 14ers in the San Juan's. Next, Ride to Tabeguache and work my way North by NW until I finish Capitol Peak (I want to see if I can meet up with someone and traverse the ridge between Capitol and Snowmass Mountain). Then go east and knock out everything in the Fairplay to Breck area. Just gotta figure out the logistics of it all.
SOOOO many choice's, I'm going to have to choose soon since my dad and mom are going out to bury supply caches for their hike and mine if I tell them in time.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

I want my Life back

So I take my boards in 11 Days. Think it is High time I list a few goals for my time in Denver so as I transition from one season to the next I have a vision. Proverbs 29:18

1) Spend my 6wks of vacation getting my body and spirit refreshed
Hopefully by hiking half the CT and all the 14ers.
2) Seek out a body of Believers and plug into a home Church in Denver
3) Be excellent in my pursuit of the Art and Practice of Medicine
4) Volunteer with an inner-city health clinic or crisis Pregnancy center.
5) Set aside time each week for reflection, solitude and stillness.
6) Read or listen to Mp3 books that will stimulate and challenge me in my walk with El Dios and my relationship with others so I can continue to mature in who I am both as a believer and friend.
7) Find a Cycling and outdoor club.
8) STUDY at least an hour beyond what is expected.
9) Work on Spanish development and another language on Rosetta Stone (Mandarin, Pushtu, Arabic, Turkish or French & Haitian)
10) Time permitting, find and set up a research opportunity for 4th year at NJMARC.