Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Signed up for the kentucky Derby mini marathon. It remains to be seen how my knees will hold up. On my last ride I started to feel it. It's probably the result of my deconditioned state which has turned me into a hunch-back of medical studies.

Looks more and more likely that I will be spending my 6wks of vacation this summer in South America skiing and climbing. I can't wait to take my board exams and skin up :).

On a sad note & challenge to me: I talked w/ steve yesterday and he told me someone died at either Hully or Helen Hunt Falls. The few details got reminded me of my life where at times I have the right stuff w/ me (ie El Dios) but i step out on my own thinking i don't need to use what the Lord has equipped me with. Like David of the Less Recent Testament I have to Cry out and ask for grace and mercy, May the Lord save me from myself and continue to keep me humble so I have to remain sheltered beneath his wings.